Datasets / National Statistics / 2013

On this page you can see the state of open data for National Statistics in all the places for which we have information.

Dataset Description

Key national statistics such as demographic and economic indicators (GDP, unemployment, population, etc). Aggregate data (e.g. GDP for whole country at a quarterly level, or population at an annual level) is also considered acceptable in this data category. In general, answers of 'yes' in this category refers to entries with a reasonable amount of both economic and demographic information available.

Place Score Breakdown Year Location (URL) Information
Anguilla - Closed
Antigua & Barbuda - Closed
Aruba - Closed
Bahamas - Closed
Barbados - Closed
Belize - Closed
Bermuda - Closed
British Virgin Islands - Closed
Cayman Islands - Closed
Cuba - Closed
Dominica - Closed
Dominican Republic - Closed
Grenada - Closed
Guadeloupe - Closed
Guyana - Closed
Haiti - Closed
Jamaica - Closed
Martinique - Closed
Montserrat - Closed
Saint Kitts & Nevis - Closed
Saint Lucia - Closed
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines - Closed
Suriname - Closed
Trinidad & Tobago - Closed
Turk & Caicos Islands - Closed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data